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Hey I am Jason Morris from the Facebook Group Real Estate Agents that REALLY work. I am giving you the template for free plus am giving you a free video I recorded to show you how to use it and get listings over even the top agents in your market!  

I keep being asked why am I giving this away (one FB real estate coach even got upset about it) when others are selling similar items for $100 .... or cost $1000+. I'm an agent, I get it. The struggle is real. The answer is simple, I want to change the industry and help agents build better businesses, other coaches just want to take your $100 for a template they had designed on fiverr for $5.  

I am tired of real estate coaches in the industry that never were good at selling real estate, selling you their systems that just do not work. or are over complicated. If I can help you with your business send me an email  

Sincerely ,  

Jason Morris